Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Power of our Language

Q. Has the PTW deliberately manipulated our languages (particularly the most popular languages) as a mind control component? In what ways should we change our languages? I also noticed that some negative words became more positive or at least neutral and socially acceptable, and some positive words are now turned into negative.
A. The PTW (Powers That Were) have absolutely changed our language.  I get that there was a shift sometimes after Shakespeare's time (his language and wording has an authentic vibe).  I see that many powerful people practicing in black magic met with the monarchy of England (huge PTW history rooted there).  At that time a realization was made that our words subconsciously altered our reality of what we felt was right, wrong, true and false.  I also get that this thought is similar to how subliminal messaging works.  

I see these people (or consultants) advising the current nobility of England that subtle changes, if used and accepted would essentially be a form of spell casting (and more powerful as a collective versus an individual).  The constant usage reinforced the spell on a consistent basis  The goal was to create a docile society, of people so they could be manipulated and controlled.  

I hear that one of the first changes was to change the word use of "Thee" to "You" (aka Ewe, a female sheep, aka a society of sheeple).  From there, other subtle phrases and slang were introduced, still strengthening the original intent power and control.  Telling people to have a good "weak end" followed by "Monday mourning."  Constantly promoted a weaker society.  Then, the govern (control) ment (of the mind) gained even further control as an instrument to guide and influence people to do the "right" thing or be punished.  

As we learn the new language, we practice "spelling" (casting spells) through world meanings and usage.  In business deals, we create contracts (from the word "coven").  We tell people to break a leg for luck (why?) or say we would die to obtain xyz (would you really, if not why say so).  

Our language is full of words of negativity and ill intent.  It is almost impossible to escape, BUT you can chose not to participate through your own will and intention.  People that are unaware and just repeat phrases with no further thought (I get) are viewed as casting a spell in a chant.   If on a daily basis you take a brief moment and ask your guides, higher self or the Universe for protection (you can do more than a few moments if you prefer), you will be protected.  They want to help you, so ask.  You can also request that you work in the greater good, and express that your actions are to be done and viewed with positive intent.  If you have positive intent and request protection the words of others can be seen, felt and experienced as just words.  In the event you feel you are having an emotion and are unsure why, ask yourself, does this belong to me or was it projected on you by something else.  If it is some else's, it needs to leave- tell it!.  Your higher self, guides and the Universe will protect you with some mindful action on your part. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, June 19, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Dirty Politics in Atlanta

People with a background in engineering/construction scratched their head as they saw the video of the Atlanta 85 HWY collapse (within an hour of the fire's start).

Everyone is scratching their heads again:

Atlanta faces a runoff election on Tuesday -- it is the MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE CONTEST in history. The conservative candidate who was a shoe in, faces huge opposition by a liberal 30 year old who has never held any public office and who does not live in the district that he would represent.

The conservative candidate who was originally favored to win has raised around $4 million in the last two months and the liberal candidate has raised Over $15 million in the same time period.

Thank you for your time.

Q. Where is the BIG $ coming from? Individuals/small donors? He was an unknown aide and he DOES NOT LIVE in the district he would represent!!!
A. I get he is being supported by an anti Trump organization.  I hear this organization is tied to "big oil."  I keep getting an image of Cheney's face (can't distinguish if this is literal or symbolic).  This anti Trump group is trying to help offset the House and earn a Democratic / Liberal seat.  

I get some kind of deal or opportunity to make money is in the works, and those affiliated with oil stand to make lots of money.  This group wants some kind of tax tied to this offshore money to be dissolved, therefore, they want to promote "their" people into an office of influence.  If they used their Republican people to instigate this tax removal, it doesn't look to go as smoothly (people are voting against many Republican / Trump / tax reduction proposals just for the sake of voting no) if they use their Republican connections.  They need a Democrat in the office.

Q. What is at stake? (Why is so much $ pouring in?)
A. There is a dual purpose here.  It looks like one is to get more Democrats in the House to attempt to gain more control over the Republicans.  The Democrats are doing what they can to get controlling influence.   I get that rather than making peace with having Trump in office, they are plotting strategy to get a Democrat in office at the next election, and that starts with getting a Dem in every position possible so they can start to try to turn their state before the next general election.  Red states in general are going to be hit hard to try to get them to flip.

I secondly see that there is a big transaction coming down tied to big oil.  It looks like they (PTW / Powers That Were) are trying to get money back on US soil, but the taxes to do so are rather high.  They want this modified or granted a "one time" conversion (some kind of tax break like this) and they are hoping this will be the guy to start a movement to get it to happen (in the name of stimulating the economy and bringing money to the US).

Q. Is there anything the general public needs to know about the runoff election? 
A.  The main thing is to realize there is an agenda.  When things feel suspicious, it is your intuition telling you to pay attention.  Lastly, you have to look at the root of the money because they are the ones controlling the spokesperson for their cause.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Tupac Shakur

Q. June 16th is Tupac Shakur's birthday can you go into detail into his life? Does his movie, All Eyez on Me, detail about his life or is there more to it?  Who and why was someone after him?  Is it because he was full of light? And, were they were scared of light? How is he doing in the afterlife and does he still perform over there like he would here?  I would appreciate every little detail that you could give us.  Thank you very much for what you do.
A. As I tune into him, I get that he endured a lot in his life.  At a young age he saw both the good and the ugly in people, but rather than get discouraged, he used his experiences as a reason to work hard.  I get that due to his vast experiences he had a skill set to relate to all kinds of people, and even though he may have disagreements (I hear he was passionate about his feelings), he was liked by many. I hear the phrase, "He felt he lived a very "rich" life."  

I see the yin yang symbol, and get he struggled with seeking internal balance.  His whole life looked to have a theme of finding and maintaining that balance.  In keeping with the "balancing" theme, it looks like later in his life he had an eye opening experience that could only be described as an awakening.  (I see a Shaman, and a Reiki Master which could be symbolic, or he may have literally met with someone with that spiritual background).  I get this awakening had to do with some adverse interaction with the PTW (Powers That Were), and some kind of deal they offered him that his conscience wouldn't let him take,  

This "awakening" left him feeling angered.  He felt he could see so clearly, and realized just how manipulated the system was.  AND this was a system that he had to fight through, as well as his "brothers and sisters" (phrase I hear) that earned what they worked for honestly.

After this "awakening," Tupac used his anger and was very outspoken on his beliefs towards the PTW (or his term, Illuminati).  I get he was warned to stop, and he didn't.  He conveyed his thoughts through his music, and wanted to inspire the underdog. 

The PTW decided to use the feud between him and Biggie to their advantage and sacrificed Tupac to make a point.  The PTW have a strong belief that if you aren't with them, you are against them, and he (Tupac) didn't hide his feelings.  I see a group of "Biggie supporters" being hired to see this through, and I even hear something regarding what types of bullets were to be used (hollow point versus full metal jacket, etc..).

I am not familiar with his movie (haven't seen the previews).  Intuitively I get the emotion of compassion toward Tupac, and the message feels tied to gang violence.  I see this being directed more toward guns and the amount of crime that goes on in this country versus the agenda behind the crime itself.  It does feel well done, but definitely a subliminal message about gun control.

Regarding the afterlife... He feels very much at peace.  I see him smiling, and hear him say "hot, diggity, dog" and then begins to laugh (???).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Follow Up Questions: 

Lynn can you explain the different timeline that you saw in 2015. And why did you see him still alive at the time compared to the timeline you saw yesterday thank you very much
A. When I focused on him a few years ago, I did see and feel he was alive and in hiding.  As I did this current session on him, he came to me much differently.  He was much more spiritual in his communication (as if he was floating to me the whole time I saw him).  it could be he was protecting me from seeing the depth of the PTW involvement until i was ready (that was an answer I was given).

Forgive me but I do have one final question. Tupac talked about not coming back reincarnated to this world.  I know you have a segment on people coming back.  When do you see Tupac coming back if he comes back at all? 
A. I see him coming back around the year 2040 (or so).  He looks to be incarnated as an Asian boy, and I see him in a orphanage.  I get that his parents were too young to raise a child, and their strict religious beliefs (and shame tied to his mom's pregnancy) led them toward the path to adoption.  He didn't stay in the orphanage for a long time, only a few days.  It looks like an American couple adopted him and brought him back to the states.  His upbringing feels very proper, and he learned several languages.  He also had exposure to several musical instruments, and the piano was something that really connected with him.  He doesn't look to get famous in this life, but music was a part of who he was (just in a different way).  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Atlanta Burning..

Q. What is being planned for in Atlanta? Below is video that talks about the burning bridges that are randomly occurring in Atlanta among other things. Many thanks!

A.  I see a couple issues going on with the recent bridge burnings in Atlanta.  I first get that there was a group of people contracted by the local government to start fires that would destroy key elements in their infrastructure.  The blame for these fires would be tied to a small group of patsys, but in reality it was the government looking for a way to renew, reinforce and solidify some of the bridges (and other items) in the event of an attack.  People of Atlanta need a way in and out of town, and if a military event prevented commuting, the town would be in a chaotic crisis.  I get due to local budgets, the funding would not be there for their Department of Transportation to tap into, but with a "crisis" occurring some kind of federal funds would be made available.  

I see some kind of military connection to this area, which also puts Atlanta as more of a target (?). Local governments are highly concerned, and they want to be ready if and when something happens.  The key people in power feel to have a military connection, which makes these concerns feel very real.  I do get that local politicians are paying close attention to international affairs, specifically what is brewing with Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.  They also have little trust in how Trump will deal with these sensitive issues, and are looking to form their own protection (take matters in their own hands).

The secondary thing I see is there is money to be made from the rebuilding.  Not only does federal funding look to step in and at least supplement the reconstruction, the money stays local and stimulates the economy.  In many ways, Atlanta looks and feels to have made out with this, even though the town endured some concerning press.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-