Wednesday, July 26, 2017

You Asked For It...

As I approach this, I want to take a minute to send love and healing to these families.  Bennington and Cornell were very talented men and will be missed by many.

Q. Is there truth to the rumor that Bennington was Podesta's illegitimate son (there is a resemblance)? And that Bennington knew Chris Cornell and they were going to expose some high level pedophiles, sex trafficking, Illuminati or something to that effect?
A. Bennington does feel connected to Podesta.  It looks like Bennington's mom got pregnant by Podesta, and I hear the accidental pregnancy resulted in some kind of "payoff when Bennington was young.  The intent was for Bennington's mom to not have the baby, Podesta thought it was "taken care of,' but his mom couldn't go through with it.  When Podesta learned that the baby was born, he tried to silence the whole affair with "a blank check."

Bennington later learned the truth, and was very angry. He did go through some traumatic things as a child, and felt the world wasn't fair.  He became obsessed with his bio dad's life, and learned a lot about the elite pedophiles and trafficking that was going on.  He didn't have a lot of intricate details, but he was "hot on a dark trail."  He did have connections, and hear "he knew people that knew people."   I also see this dark path taking him to England (this isn't just happening in the US).  

He did confide in Cornell, and the knowledge of all this made him incredibly sad.  Not sad in a way to commit suicide, but sad that this was even going on. Neither one knew exactly what to do, but they wanted to do something.  I see they were working on a way to express this through music- telling a story without telling it directly.  They were working on a way to expose this, in an indirect "Eyes Wide Shut" sort of way.  I do get they were silenced before this could get out because people would undeniably understand the message.

Q. There really is something off about Chris Cornell's death.  Is it usual to publish the photos? Looking at the photos do you get a strange feeling? 
A. As I focus on this I hear "the truth can run naked, but lies need to be covered up."  The Powers That Were (PTW) needed people to believe this was a suicide so they overly documented and leaked the police photos.  These feel fake (I see them setting up the photos like you would set up the scene to a play) and very disrespectful to the families (and the PTW didn't care as this was threatening a much bigger agenda).  I hear that people are too smart and would have put together the connection if this would have played out as a double homicide.  This is also meant to send a message to others that are considering speaking out.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Much love and light to these families!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Should We Be Concerned?

Q. I've read that we shouldn't look at the coming eclipse because it will be used as a "weapon" to do harm and effect our DNA. Can you comment on this?
A.  I cannot see it as a weapon used to attack our DNA, but you still shouldn't look at it directly.  Not only does it have an intensity that is harsh to the eyes, but the energetic projection created through directly looking at it can be very intense to the system.  It doesn't look to attack DNA, but does look to create a very tired, flu-like effect that can last up to a few days.

Q. Do nuclear bombs really exist?

A.  I get nuclear bombs do exist, but not to the degree they are reported in the media.  They are destructive, much like the hydrogen bomb (Fukushima is an example, referring to the root cause of the tsunami and not the effect of the meltdown).  The real danger is the byproduct of creating the weapons and power, ie the waste.  If a nuclear warhead were to be deployed, it would be destructive and create havoc, but I don't see it in the same nuclear sense that the media portrays.  I hear that it would be far worse if the nuclear waste were to be sprinkled about.  I then hear that the reality of nuclear weapons isn't the reality that is shared, but creates a fantastic new fear stream... ???

Q. There are plans to block out the sun, do you see this occurring? 
Many thanks!
A. I don't see the sun being blocked, but I do see the sky being filtered to prevent a clear view of our sister sun and her planets.  I then hear the phrase, "clarity creates questions."

Q. Hi Lynn, 
What do you think of the Elevator game? It is a Korean urban legend game where you go on a elevator and then go to certain floors in sequential order and end up in a different dimension at the end. Is there anything legit to this?
A. As I tune into this, I can't see this working.  I hear that to get to another another reality, you have to go horizontally through a specific altitude, not vertically to trigger an event.  It looks as though there are certain vertices in the world (like the Bermuda Triangle) that when you traverse through at a specific altitude (some may even be at 0) with other influencing factors such as magnetism and electric current in the atmosphere, you could experience a different reality.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Review

Occasionally I do a reading, and it deserves to be focused on again.  Free will and time line shift can affect the results.  These are a few I have been requested to focus on again.. 

Q. Hi again Lynn, I noticed that you predicted in an earlier reading that crypto coins will fade out "And then another electronic currency, "backed" by gold / precious metals, will emerge".  Do you see if this electronic currency is already 'in the making'?  If so can you tell when it will be made available? Thank you.
A. I get this has been in the works for a long time.  Then, I hear that nothing with the government happens overnight, it is a slow and methodical process.  Having said that, it is close to being released to the public.  They have to first manipulate the crypto currencies (over inflate, and then crash).  When the cryptos appear to be unstable because they aren't backed by anything substantial, a new electronic form of currency will emerge with the claims of it being backed by physical assets.  This newer electronic currency will have some level of implied trust because it is backed by something real.  Eventually everything will be done via this new system (to track purchases, makes sure items are taxed, prevents money from being hidden, etc).  I see it being released by the middle of 2018.

Previous readings on Crypto Currencies and Bitcoin:

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you look into the Lincoln assassination. There has been a conspiracy theory that Mary Todd was the one to actually kill him because he was unfaithful to her. There is some circumstantial evidence to back this up. I don't want to say too much as I don't want to prejudice your reading.
A.  I do see Mary Todd as the real murderer.  She was in a very dark, sad and depressed state.  I don't see that she premeditated it, but the timing, accessibility and access to a scapegoat all worked out in her favor.  I get that within about 20 minutes she had snapped and decided what she was going to do.  There were actually a few witnesses (some kind of servants), but out of fears they kept quiet.

Previous reading on Mary Todd (Friday Five with Da-da):

Q. Lynn, thank you so much for your time, courage, and dedication to your blog. It is truly amazing, and you're the best.  I think it might be time for you to update us about "your" red comet - twin sun approaching what you saw before. They say a year 1 (2017- numerology) should bring some great changes to earth (the end of the old system, and a new beginning). What do you see as these big changes in the rest of 2017? Could it be Nibiru or (your red comet - twin sun) this year, or something else that starts everything new? Is this a year when that 'soul harvest' happens - when everyone is assigned to the place on earth according their soul vibration (earth's time lines split starts)? How that 'soul harvest' happens? In generally, would you please comment on geo-socio-econo-political scenarios within a year or two ahead for US. There are many talks about soon dollar collapse, precious metals spikes, August 21 solar eclipse, October 12 asteroid, and so on. What do you see?
A. Geo:  I do see the Red Comet still out there and in full force.  It does feel like it is burning bright and on the opposing side of the sun currently, making its way to the western side of the sun (using the northern hemisphere as a reference),  The Red Comet feels connected to the sister system, and its presence feels to somehow shift the orbits slightly within that system.  The sister sun is also still present, and looks to be the counterbalance to our sun as the pair corkscrew through space.  

As the above system shifts and moves, there will be some influence on Earth.  The main effects will be associated to weather, odd weather patterns and extreme changes.  As I type this i get that the wobble of the Earth is also being shifted, and true north will continue to slowly (and consistently) move.  This feels to go on indefinitely (I cannot see the end), and has been happening for a long while. 

Socio:  Regarding the Earth shift... I see that Earth is transitioning into a 4D reality (or rather a new parallel reality opening).  As we transition into spirit and chose to incarnate, if your vibration can support a higher dimension, you will incarnate into the newer 4D reality.  I don't see a mass disappearance or harvest, but rather a newer reality opening up that houses higher vibrational beings.

Econo:  I hear we are living in the "calm before the storm."  Many of us know something is on the horizon, but rather than accept that things may not be what they seem, they live in a "ignorance is bliss" modality.  Things actually feel fairly strong for the short term (stock market, investments, etc).  I see the PTW (Powers That Were) are currently inflating the stock market so they can cash out when it is high, and having insight as to when it will deflate.  Watch for unnatural highs at the end of 2017 as this feels like a clue that the "pump and dump" has begun. 

Political: As I focus on politics, I get the Russia, China and North Korean issues are going to reach a boiling point by the first quarter of 2018 (possibly sooner).  I get there is strategy being planned (with a huge focus on North Korea right now), and there looks to be a physical strike on North Korea by the end of 2017.  I'm not seeing specific details (I feel it is in the greater good to not know specifics).  

Here are a few of the many readings on this topic:

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Indigo People

Q. Hi Lynn,  Could you please do a reading on Indigo people?  I recently found out about Indigo people. There seems to be fascinating information about them on Internet, but not supported scientifically and totally buffed by Wikipedia.

Is there really any truth in this 'Indigo People Theory' or is it just a word given to people having certain traits?

(Wikipedia link:
A. I see this as a term used to group people that share many of the same traits and abilities.  They feel (most times) introverted, and very tactile (sensitive to texture and smells).  I see them as being empathic, knowing and feeling what others experience, and not always understanding why.  

I also get since they do have heightened sensitivities and realize they have differences, as they get older they have a difficult time feeling as though they belong.  They may be with a group of people and still feel alone because they view the world so differently that they have a difficult relating.  They see people as spiritual beings living a human experience and the superficial things feel so little in the vastness of our existence.

I see there is truth to the Indigo People Theory, and it is much more than just a word,  They are people that have abilities to tap into a subconscious reality (full of emotion and higher vibrational thoughts) while assimilating in a conscious world. 

Q. What is their mission on earth? 
A.  Their mission is to learn and grow through experience. They feel like people that are meant to introduce higher vibrational abilities into the conscious mind of our 3D reality.  They are helping to shift the current paradigm for when earth merges into a 4D existence.

Q. If they have a mission to fulfill then why do they seem to fall in misguided lapse or sense of loss of direction?  Thank you in advance.
A. They look to feel lost when they know they are different from other people, and don't know why.  They can even have a hard time verbalizing it since much of what they experience is emotion or feeling based.  We are trained when we are children to want to fit in and be "normal" (whatever that may mean), and when they feel abnormal, they think something is wrong.  I see many times gifts being suppressed, but nothing can stay suppressed forever.

When Indigo People embrace the difference, own it and honor their abilities, the results can be beautiful.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-